7 June, 2022

Methodology Note for Deadweights

The deadweight figures source is now available. Deadweight refers to what would have happened anyway in the absence of an intervention – by incorporating deadweights, this ensures that only the additional social value created by the user of the SVB is calculated. The deadweight figures are being re-estimated since the previously used UK government source is now dated and is unlikely to accurately reflect true deadweight figures.  Download the methodology note below for more detail on deadweights and the updates that have been made.

7 June, 2022

Methodology Note for Exchequer Values

In addition to re-estimating the wellbeing values, this update to the SVB aims to supplement this analysis with the incorporation of new dimensions, including exchequer values. An exchequer value values the indirect, secondary impacts of an outcome in net fiscal terms to the government in the form of tax receipts, benefit payments and cost reductions. 

4 May, 2022

Mental Health and Housing: A review

This briefing reviews the experience of integrating health and housing services. It identifies the lessons from this experience and suggests ways in which integrated care systems and their partners can better integrate health, housing and housing-related services. It also explores how this can best be achieved in practice to deliver good outcomes for people seriously affected by mental illness and to improve population mental health.

23 February, 2022

Mental Health Supported Housing: Securing financial stability, supply and quality

Supported housing is a hugely valuable and cost-effective housing option for people with mental illness. It enables them to live independently in the community and saves the NHS and other public agencies money. The research commissioned by Rethink Mental Illness demonstrates that, under government proposals, those with the highest support needs will no longer have the guarantee of their rent being met by housing benefit. The report provides recommendations to ensure people severely affected by mental illness have a place to call home.