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Social value roadmap

  • We’ve created a social value roadmap that outlines the future of social value in social housing. But this is just the beginning.

UK Housing Data Standards

  • Since its inception they have evolved to adapt to the latest needs within the sector. The next iteration focuses on the environment and regulatory returns. This is your opportunity to help shape how housing data is used across our sector.

Centre for Excellence in Community Investment

  • The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment champions and celebrates the importance and impact of community investment across the UK. Be part of it.

Join a network of your peers

We host a range of events and networking opportunities for you to come together with other individuals and organisations who share your challenges. Your voice matters, so get involved and help move our sector forwards.


NED Network

  • Open to NEDs of social housing organisations, The NED Network provides a space for Board Members to discuss issues around governance, assurance and strategy with their peers from across the sector.

Centre - regional and thematic networks

  • The Centre provides a mechanism for community investment professionals to share and develop their practice, through a series of regional and thematic networks, covering issues including racial equality, young people, ageing communities and community centres.

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If you have a product, innovation or idea that could help revolutionise how housing organisations operate, we want to hear from you.

Many of our most transformative tools and services have developed through partnerships with innovative organisations. Your innovation could be the next.


Examples include:

Launch Pad

  • Through our Launch Pad service, we provide a platform for you to share progressive thinking with key decision makers across the sector.

Community Insight

  • By partnering with OCSI, we're able to provide an online tool built on more than 1,500 datasets to give you a detailed view and understand the needs of your neighbourhoods

Take a look at some examples of great collaboration across the sector and beyond

A Sector Together: The social housing sector and Covid-19

Health and Housing: A blueprint for a new way of working

The Impact of Social Housing: Economic, social, health and wellbeing

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When people, organisations and sectors come together on shared goals, real change happens. This has been proven within our sector over many years, and it takes individuals getting involved to drive that change.

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