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Data is critical to the future of social housing. But actually creating a data-driven organisation is no easy task. As a champion of digital innovation in social housing, with our latest thinking and  technologies we can help transform your data management.

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UK Housing Data Standards

We understand the importance of collecting consistent, coherent and complete data on your residents and housing stock. That’s why we’ve partnered with OSCRE International to develop the UK Housing Data Standards and improve the quality of data across the sector.

It’s been developed and supported by over 100 housing associations and software companies and is free to all users. Since 2018, we have developed and launched four versions of the data standards, with the latest version covering resident feedback and customer complaints.  

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UK Housing Data Standards version 3.5

The completed development of Version 3.5 of the UK Housing Data Standards is open for consultation.

We have recently completed development of Version 3.5 of the UK Housing Data Standards that encompasses work not only on the Environmental and Regulatory Returns data model, but also a module on the BIM4HAS toolkit that has been developed by OSCRE.


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Diagnostic tool

We diagnose where you are on your data journey, so that you can implement the UK Housing Data Standards or develop a data-driven organisation with confidence to the benefit of both your organisation and your residents!


We can tailor our data masterclasses to your organisational needs, so that you can build the skills and capabilities you need to develop your data-driven organisation.

Launch Pad

We never stop searching for what’s next, partnering and showcasing the most progressive thinking, products and services with forward-thinking organisations that have the potential to transform the UK housing sector. Discover the tech solutions our Launch Pad partners are bringing to the sector.


Community Insight

The need to understand our neighbourhoods has never been more important. The local insight we provide is invaluable. Community Insight is an affordable tool that uses location-specific data sets such as 'Broadband speed' and 'Connectedness score', to help you better focus your resources.

Smart homes

We believe that investing in smart homes is a critical step towards achieving a data-driven future. Smart technology in social housing lets you manage and maintain your assets more effectively, while empowering residents.


Building safety

The investment the social housing sector is making into building safety is huge. Data will be at the heart of this process and the UK Housing Data Standards will enable social housing organisations to make building safety a reality in the future.

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