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What is social value?

Social value a way to quantify how different interventions affect people’s lives – the overall impact on people’s wellbeing, or their quality of life. It is a way of measuring the positive benefits your work has on both individuals and communities. 


Why is it important to measure social value?

By measuring the social value you create, you can evidence the impact your organisation is having on the people and communities you work with. It will also help you to make informed decisions about how you can improve your services, with increased positive results. 

Since 2012 we’ve been pioneers in helping social housing organisations measure their social impact. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help.

We go further than simply measuring your social value

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UK Social Value Bank

We’re proud to have been pioneers in developing how organisations measure social value for the past 10 years.

And the innovation continues, with the launch of our New UK Social Value Bank and Social Value Insight tool, allowing you to monitor, model and measure the impact you make across the work you do, in one place.

The new Bank will enable you to measure your social and environmental impact through improvements to wellbeing and savings made to the state, and use the information to:

  • improve services
  • enhance decision-making
  • increase the impact you make
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Social value services

Not only do our tools help you measure the value you bring, but our services support these outcomes to enhance decision-making and increase the impact you make. Social value should be viewed as a transformational activity, rather than just a transactional one. We can help you go that next step.

  • Social value reports
  • Certification
  • Framework
  • Procurement advice
  • Health check
  • Discovery
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Social Value Insight

Our new Social Value Insight tool allows you to model, monitor and measure your social impact across multiple projects, from multiple sources.

Community Insight

With over 1,000 indicators, Community Insight is a key tool in the armour of social housing organisations to help better understand local communities and target resources where they are needed most.

Social value roadmap

Social value is central to the social housing sector’s social purpose. Working in collaboration with more than 45 organisations, we’re implementing our social value roadmap that will transform the future – and you can be part of it.

Find out more about our social value masterclasses

Open to those from all industries, both within and outside of the housing sector, join our Social Value Masterclass and learn a robust and clear way to measure and attach value to the social impact of your work – You can find more information and register here.

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