Research and insights

We support the social housing sector to work smarter – today and in the future.

Our research and online tools helps you generate actionable insights, build trust with your stakeholders and drive value across your business.

So you can deliver on your social purpose, providing ever greater value for people and communities.

We can give you the evidence and insights you need

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Service improvement

The first step to improving your services is understanding the impact they have. Our impact evaluations do this by providing the evidence needed to focus your efforts in the right place.

Thought leadership

We work with you to turn your expertise into content that resonates and builds your brand reputation across the social housing sector.

Market engagement

We support you to engage with your target market, working with you to identify the best people to talk with, the best messages to communicate and the best strategy to take.

Trusted expertise

As a trusted, independent research expert, HACT helps organisations across the housing sector to improve services for their residents and communities.

From qualitative and quantitative surveys, to regression, counter-factual and cost benefit analyses, our research expertise helps you put evidence at the heart of your decision making.

Innovation and insights

With our resilience project, we’re pioneering a new approach.

Working with a group of housing partners, we’re developing a common understanding of resilience, as well as a way of measuring it. This will enable the sector to respond to the needs of their residents and their communities, so they can improve financial planning, inform business decisions and enable more effective targeting of resources.

Recent publications

Our published reports cover everything from service and impact evaluations to more bespoke research projects.

Creating a blueprint for a new way of working

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Community Insight

The need to understand our neighbourhoods has never been more important. This is where the local insight we provide is invaluable.

Community Insight is an affordable tool that uses location-specific data to help you identify local needs, plan your activities and better focus your resources.

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Social Value Insight

Accessed through and app-based platform and built on machine learning, Social Value Insight provides you with the support, advice and insights you need whether you are evidencing your social value for an ESG fund, monitoring the social value created through procurement or looking to improve your community investment services.

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“Community Insight has made business intelligence much easier to gather and share and has enabled us to see where we need to focus our attention and channel resources to gain the maximum positive impact for Link communities.”

Sheila Maxwell

Community Investment Officer at Link

New UK Social Value Bank

We’ve created a range of tools designed to build a complete picture of your social value. Together, these make up the UK Social Value Bank and help you tap into the potential to make an even greater difference to the people who matter most.

We’re proud to have been pioneers in measuring social value for the past 10 years, through the development of the wellbeing approach with the UK Social Value Bank and calculators, to the hundreds of organisations we have supported through their journey with the services we offer.

And the innovation continues, with the launch of the New UK Social Value Bank and Social Value Insight tool.

The expanded and enhanced UK Social Value Bank will enable you to measure your social and environmental impact through improvements to wellbeing and savings made to the state, and use the information to:

  • improve services
  • enhance decision-making
  • increase the impact you make
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We can give you the evidence and insights you need

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