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Over the past 60 years, we’ve helped the sector adapt, change and respond to multiple challenges.

Now, with net zero, building safety and customer voice demanding the attention of the sector, we’re supporting organisations as they change and transform with new ideas, insights and the right tools  at the right time.

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Thought leadership

We work with you to turn your expertise into content that resonates and builds your brand reputation across the social housing sector.

Strategy development

We can develop the strategy you need, using our expertise in community investment, health, social value, research and digital.

Market engagement

We support you to engage with your target market, working with you to identify the best people to talk with, the best messages to communicate and the best strategy to take.

Launch Pad

Our Launch Pad is where we showcase the most progressive thinking, products and services with the potential to transform the UK housing sector.

Discover the latest innovations helping the housing sector to think differently, curated by HACT.


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NED Network

The NED Network provides a space for Board Members of social housing organisations to discuss issues around governance, assurance and strategy with their peers from across the sector.

We’re committed to driving up the professional standards and expertise of people working in the social housing sector and delivering increased value for residents and communities.

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Building safety

One of the key findings of the Hackitt Review was the ineffective creation, handing over and maintenance of vital building and fire safety information. The lack of data prompted urgent reviews.

In most cases, the only way of resolving the question mark and determine whether ACM was present or not was through an on-site inspection.

In December 2020, we launched the fourth iteration of the UK Housing Data Standards, which included the development handover use case, which has been praised by Dame Judith Hackitt.

Digitising and standardising Golden Thread information will not only result in efficiencies (reducing costs by 20% or more), they will also make building safety a reality in the future.

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The journey to net zero

Across the sector, organisations are developing strategies and plans to deliver on their commitment towards net zero carbon.

The scale of the challenge is immense. Our focus is on supporting the sector with our expertise, for both its short-term needs and longer-term objectives.

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