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How to deliver real community value. That’s the challenge facing social housing providers, and their partners, every single day.

The fact is that community investment alone is not the answer. That’s only effective when combined with sound strategic thinking, cutting-edge local insight and expert guidance. With products and services in all of these areas, HACT are the perfect partners to help you rise to the challenge.

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Community Insight

The first step to driving real value for your local community is to truly understand it. Built on over 1,150 datasets, such as ‘Community needs score’, ‘Connectedness score’ and ‘Education, skills and training’, our Community Insight tool provides the clarity you need to slash business planning time and deliver perfectly targeted local, community investments.

Simply define an area and the type of information you’re interested in. Then, in just ten minutes, a 50-page, in-depth report about your chosen local community is generated using the most current data available.


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Community Investment Framework

We’re currently revising our framework to further support your work with communities. This interactive document guides you through creating a strategy that puts community investment at the centre of how you work and interact with tenants and communities. It’s full of practical advice and resources to help you prioritise where you energy is best spent.

Featuring tried and tested ideas – by practitioners for practitioners – it provides the most up-to-date information from organisations leading the way in community investment.

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Centre for Excellence in Community Investment

The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment was established in 2018 to champion and celebrate the role of community investment across the UK.

It provides a mechanism for community investment professionals to share and develop their practice, through a series of regional and thematic networks, covering issues including racial equality, young people, ageing communities and community centres.

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Age Friendly Social Housing Programme

Our newly established Age Friendly networks will facilitate joined-up thinking and working between social landlords and their partners around their activities and services for over 50s in the three localities, allowing us to pool resources and move from individual to collective action.

The networks will work alongside residents to create new activities and services for over 50s and enhance existing age friendly provision within each area, testing new approaches to tackle social isolation and loneliness.

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Community investment services

Strategic Development – bringing together evidence and providing support for creating engagement and investment strategies.

Facilitation and Workshops – supporting boards and organisations to understand stakeholder priorities, create new partnerships and embed social purpose.

Networking, conferences and events - to keep up to date with innovative projects and good practice.

Working in place development programme

A new programme of support, learning and development for housing associations to help them successfully embrace the future opportunities of working at place.

The programme will explore some of the key issues around the role of social landlords in place and translate current and new opportunities into plans for future service delivery.

Community anchors

Housing associations are social businesses at the heart of the communities they serve. Delivering social value has always been a central aspect of their work. As well as providing affordable homes and a range of support services, social landlords invest in local communities and work alongside people and communities to help them thrive.


In recent years they have developed sophisticated mechanisms for funding and supporting social investment and, as organisations anchored in communities, they contribute to the economic and social well-being of the area.

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