Underpay, overpay - the choice is yours

For many residents, paying rent every month can be a challenge. In some months, there are more bills to pay – in August, for example, you might have increase childcare costs or new school uniforms to buy.

FlexMy Rent puts residents in control of their rent payments. It enables them to agree a rent payment schedule with their landlord so they can underpay in months when money is tight and overpay when they have more money in the bank.

NB – FlexMy Rent is the new name for rent-flex.

The benefits of FlexMy Rent

Evidence from the initial trial of FlexMy Rent demonstrated the following benefits:

Improved engagement and satisfaction

Residents on FlexMy Rent were more likely to engage with their landlord and were more satisfied as well.

Improved rent payments

Residents who completed twelve months of FlexMy Rent paid 98.4% of their contractual rent, compared to 90% of the control group.

Increased financial benefits

Through FlexMy Rent, residents engaged with income support services resulting in £70,000 in benefits to 42 residents.

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PUBLISHED: March 2021

The White Paper draws on the results of the FlexMy Rent manual pilot with Optivo tenants to determine the key benefits of the service. These include:

  • Improved engagement
    Increased financial benefits to residents
    Improved rent payment
    Improved relationships and satisfaction