Smart Homes

A smart home is the name for a property fitted with devices and appliances that can be controlled remotely via a phone or computer. We believe smart homes are the future, with benefits far beyond simply saving energy. Smart technology in social housing lets organisations manage and maintain their assets more effectively, and empowers residents at the same time.

The benefits of smart homes

Investing in smart homes is a critical step towards achieving a data-driven future where residents are truly engaged. Making use of smart home solutions offers many benefits, including:

Features of a smart social home

The ways that smart, Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help transform the lives of residents are endless. Here are just three examples of smart home solutions:

Smart locks

If a resident is out, they can remotely open their front door to let a repair person in, reducing costs associated with missed appointments.

Smart temperature sensors

These make it easy for social housing organisations to measure and resolve damp and mould issues before they become a costly problem to fix.

Smart leak sensors

Detect water escape and activate smart stop-cocks before major damage is caused, saving you money, inconvenience and residents’ possessions.

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Do The Smart Thing: The future of the social smart home


Numerous articles, conference presentations and brainstorming sessions have been dedicated to the use of the IoT and smart home technology in social housing. Yet, despite pilots demonstrating its value, the social smart home remains on the drawing board.

We’ve created a report – Do the Smart Thing – where we examine some of these pilots, look at the barriers to wider implementation and highlight the potential benefits of the social smart home for residents and communities.

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