Centre for Excellence in Community Investment

The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment champions and celebrates the importance and impact of community investment across the UK, by

  • providing a platform for promoting the importance of community investment both inside and outside of the social housing sector
  • providing a mechanism for community investment professionals to share and develop their practice
  • ensuring that community investment underpins social housing organisations as they evolve their services and relationships with their customers and communities

The Centre was set up in September 2018 by HACT, thanks to funding from Clarion Futures, L&Q, Orbit, Peabody, and Sovereign.

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What is community investment?

Community investment is the work social housing organisations do alongside people and communities to help them thrive.

A common definition of what we mean by community investment and the value it brings to social housing helps us speak more effectively and with more consistency when we discuss it with our colleagues, our Boards and our partners.

Along with community investment professionals around the UK, we have developed descriptors about community investment, as well as some statements that you can use in response to some common questions about the value and impact of community investment.

Here you can read the primary descriptors, the secondary statements, find out how we developed them, and how you can use them.

You can also download this guide to the descriptors, as well as these images for use in Powerpoint presentations or reports. Please note, the images have been saved as a Zip file.

The Board Charter

Now, more than ever, we need to commit to community investment so that we can deliver on our social purpose. We are and can be more than just landlords, investing in our residents and communities to enable them to thrive.

The Board Charter contains nine pledges that we’re asking social housing organisations to discuss and adopt at a Board level.

Our networks

The Centre hosts a number of geographic and thematic networks that meet on a regular basis to discuss priorities across the community investment space.

Find out about a network in your area, upcoming meetings and how to register.

Measuring your impact

During the pandemic we recognised that the phenomenal work housing organisation we doing needed to be recorded. We collaboratively developed a suite of impact measures to understand and evidence the impact these organisations have made and continue to make.

There are nine key measures that we invite organisations to record on a quarterly basis to help us tell the story.

Centre Discusses – upcoming events

The Centre Discusses is a fortnightly webinar series from The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment which connects community investment leaders and practitioners from around the UK with a range of relevant and inspiring speakers.

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