UK Housing Data Standards: What's next?

The UK Housing Data Standards has evolved since its inception to adapt to the latest needs within the sector. The next iteration will address two major challenges for the future of social housing: our sector’s journey towards net zero carbon and improving internal governance procedures. This is your opportunity to help shape how housing data is used across our sector.

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Your journey to net zero

Data is the starting point for our sector’s journey to net zero carbon. Without data, you won’t know whether you’re meeting targets. You won’t be able to demonstrate your ESG credentials to investors or your compliance with environmental regulations. Data standards are the foundation for your data journey to net zero carbon.

The environmental use case of the UK Housing Data Standards version 3.5 will help you to:

  • Unlock ESG investment opportunities by evidencing environmental performance
  • Enable your businesses to make informed decisions about targeting limited funds by understanding where you will have the most impact
  • Evidence how your organisation is meeting net zero targets and complying with existing and future regulation
  • Report on the sector’s collective progress on the journey to net zero carbon by using the same metrics

“We believe that the regulatory returns data standard will result in efficiencies for our business, as well as for other social housing organisations. The process of developing each use case also provides us with an opportunity to learn from others, as well as to share ideas and insights about how we collate and process data for regulatory returns. We have been a long term supporter of the UK Housing Data Standards and are keen to develop both new use cases with colleagues across the sector, as well as with HACT and OSCRE.”

Barry McNulty

Director of Analytics, Hyde

Improving your regulatory returns

This is your opportunity to respond to the needs of the Regulator improve your internal data governance procedures and demonstrate your role as a pioneering organisation.

Participate in this collaborative project to design, test and refine regulatory data standards.

The regulatory returns use case of the UK Housing Data Standards version 3.5 is critical for these reasons:

  • Governance rating (therefore impact on ability to borrow money)
  • Reputation and brand value
  • Ability to ensure and demonstrate social responsibility and service quality

“Using the UK Housing Data Standards has become an integral part of our digital offerings. The regulatory returns element of this is very important to us as we strive to improve our data management. The importance of getting the returns right is always of the highest priority. Working with the regulator will give us more insights into what is expected and what we can all do to improve the quality of the data shared.”

Richard Semple

IS Data Analytics Lead, Home Group

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