Data masterclasses

Our online masterclass will benefit anyone seeking to improve their confidence around using data in the social housing sector.

Why is data important?

As a sector, we collect more and more data about our tenants and the properties in which they live every day. In order to mange this successfully and make better decisions based on the needs of the tenants, and to report on this effectively; how we understand, collect and use this data is of increasing significance. In this session, we will unpick the key foundational steps to help us as social housing staff to develop our ability and confidence around data.

What will the masterclass cover?

The masterclass will cover:

  • What is data and why does data matter?
  • Changing Regulatory Context
  • Customer data and tenant engagement
  • Review your current organisation’s data
  • Decision making and performance monitoring
  • What data is needed and how to store it
  • Data-led decision making
  • Plus activities to put your learning into practice
  • Q&A


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Tailored to you

Using our digital expertise and our knowledge of the social housing sector, our masterclasses are suitable for anyone working with data in a social housing organisation.

We can develop and run bespoke data training tailored to suit your organisation’s specific requirements. This could take the form of an introductory overview of data or a more in-depth workshop looking at how you can implement frameworks to support you and your organisation.

UK Housing Data Standards

We have recently completed development of Version 3.5 of the UK Housing Data Standards that encompasses work not only on the Environmental and Regulatory Returns data model, but also a module on the BIM4HAS toolkit that has been developed by OSCRE.

Diagnostic Tool

We diagnose where you are on your data journey, so that you can implement the UK Housing Data Standards or develop a data-driven organisation with confidence.

Launch Pad

We never stop searching for what’s next, partnering and showcasing the most progressive thinking, products and services with forward-thinking organisations that have the potential to transform the UK housing sector. Discover the tech solutions our Launch Pad partners are bringing to the sector.

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