NED Network

Are you a Non-Executive of a housing organisation? We have created a space with our NED Network for Board Members of social housing organisations to discuss issues around governance, assurance and strategy with their peers from across the sector.

The NED Network has been set up by HACT and PlaceShapers, with the support of Anthony Collins Solicitors and Adecco.

Upcoming sessions

Your resident's resilience to rent increases

Your decisions on rent increases in 2023 will include the impact it will have on your income, but do you have a data-driven approach to how the rent increase will impact your residents? We will be joined by HACT Head of Services, to discuss the work we have done in measuring resident resilience and what data you will be using to make a decision on rent increases.

Speaker: Frances Harkin, Head of Services at HACT

What can board members learn from the digital advancements in other sectors, that could improve the housing sector?

Sectors such as retail, have been using digital to optimise their performance and customer experience for a long time now. Seamless digital experiences are an expectation from many retailers. What can we learn from the way they use digital, to improve the efficiency of housing associations and improve our resident experiences?

Speaker: Mike Longfellow, NED of Wakefield and District Housing board, and Managing Director at IFF Digital

The NED Network meets fortnightly on a Monday, 16:00 – 17:00 with each session hosted by a NED and discussing a topic relevant to their governance role.

This might include how Boards talk about racial equality, implementing the new Code of Governance, and how Board members can scrutinise transformation programmes. Each topic will be announced a week in advance.


We are committed to driving up the professional standards and expertise of people working in the social housing sector and delivering increased value for residents and communities.

The NED Network is a fantastic opportunity for NEDs to explore contemporary issues in social housing on an ongoing basis with a group of their peers, free of cost, including the chance to attend an annual in person event: one in the north and another in the south.

View previous meeting briefing notes

24.10.22 - Does the social housing sector hold itself back by boards being too financially conservative?

10.10.22 - Meet the panel of The Better Social Housing Review to provide your perspectives on the quality of social housing.

26.09.2022 - Old map, new world: When the pandemic has changed everything are boards and execs aware of and up to the challenges of a new world?

07.07.2022 - Do we have the right risk appetite to deliver Net Zero Carbon

20.06.2022 - Considerations for boards when campaigning

06.06.2022 - The connection between good inclusive behaviour in the organisation and successful tenant engagement

23.05.2022 - Should housing and asset management expertise be an essential component of a social landlord’s Board?

09.04.2022 - What reforms are happening in the NHS and why does that matter for housing association boards?

25.03.2022 - Managing contractors’ behaviours in squeezed market conditions

14.03.2022 - The role of remuneration committees and setting executive pay

28.02.22 - Everything you need to know about procurement but were afraid to ask

14.02.22 - The role of board members in professional standards

31.01.22 - The role of data ethics and implications for board members

17.01.22 - In conversation with Kate Dodsworth

06.12.2022 - Understanding Social Value as a Board Member

22.11.2022 - Good Governance and the 2022 Rent Increase

08.11.21 - How mentoring for succession planning can help address diversity at Board level across the sector

25.10.21 - How Board Members need to respond to the challenge of reporting on ESG

11.10.21 - What part can board members play in challenging and addressing stigmatization of social housing tenants?

27.09.21 - What do we as Board members need to think about in response to ITV’s ‘Surviving Squalor’  investigation?

13.09.21 - Developing a building safety case

19.07.21 - How can Boards set and monitor culture?

05.07.21 - How can Board Members lead resident engagement?

21.06.21 - Mind the Gap - what can Board Members learn from Regulatory downgrades?

07.06.21 - Actions speak louder than words – how should Board Members lead their organisations on equality, diversity and inclusion that delivers real change.

24.05.21 - What do Board members need to think about when developing strategies for achieving Net Zero Carbon?

10.05.21 - What was it like to be a Board Member during the pandemic? What worked for you and what didn’t?

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Anthony Collins Solicitors is a specialist law firm with a clear purpose – to “improve lives, communities and society”.  They are a nationally leading firm in the social housing, social care and charity sectors with multi-disciplinary teams servicing all the strategic and legal needs of housing associations, ALMOs and local authorities across the country.

Adecco is a multi-sector specialist recruiter in the commerce industry, financial services and public sector markets. It has a reputation for building strong partnerships with customers based upon extensive knowledge of markets, access to the very best candidates and a proven track record of investing in consultants. With more than 20 years’ experience in recruiting to the housing sector, Adecco specialises in Senior, Executive and Non-Executive appointments and is proud to take an intelligence-led search approach to provide the best talent in the market.