Service improvement

We work with you to deliver the evidence you need to understand and measure the impact of your service, as well as identify best practice and opportunities for service improvement.

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Impact evaluations and assessments

Using an evidence based approach, we measure the impact your services have on your residents and business, identify best practice, and make recommendations for how your services can be improved.

Stakeholder engagement

Using a range of research tools, we engage with stakeholders across your organisation, as well as those who are using your services.

Community Insight

We use our Community Insight tool to gain a deeper understanding of your local areas, so you can tailor your services to meet local need and transform local communities.

The benefits for you

As a social housing provider, you want to deliver the best services possible for your residents and you’re constantly seeking to improve how you work as business. That’s where the HACT research team come in. We can be your critical friend, giving you an independent perspective on your services that you can trust.

Mental health & financial inclusion

In 2019, Orbit commissioned HACT to evaluate their mental health and financial support services. They wanted to understand the impact of both services, capture how service delivery and design could be improved and use the findings to inform future procurement and commissioning exercises.

The evaluation was carried out using a mixed-methods approach, incorporating quantitative and qualitative research, literature review and a social value assessment.

The final reports include recommendations for data collection, management enhancements and partnership working and have been used to shape new versions of the services as well as inform discussions, investment decisions and tendering with delivery partners.

Tenancy sustainment

As part of a wider operational review, a leading registered provider of social housing in the UK wanted to understand what was happening in the sector, specifically around approaches to funding, community investment activity and tenancy sustainment.

We reviewed their internal documents and conducted interviews with staff and residents to understand the impact of their services in this area. We then assessed the extent to which services were aligned with their wider ambitions and vision and how this could be optimised, drawing on examples of good practice from within and beyond the social housing sector.

Our best practice review collated those findings, delivering a strong evidence base for the organisation to develop service improvements and ensure their services were delivering the best outcomes for their customers.

“HACT delivered a good practice evaluation of our Tenancy Sustainment services. They understood the brief and developed a solid project plan. They brought a wealth of broader sector knowledge and added value to the research with consultation and dialogue with partners.
They were also flexible in adapting the project to meet the evolving requirements of multiple stakeholders. All this contributed to the delivery of a strong evidence base for us to develop service improvements and ensure our services are delivering the best outcomes for riverside Foundation customers.”

Sallie Bridgen

Riverside Housing

Recent publications

Our published reports cover everything from service and impact evaluations to more bespoke research projects.

Creating a blueprint for a new way of working

Published November 2021

This white paper provides an insight into the opportunity for closer partnership working between health bodies and the housing sector not only nationally but most importantly, at a place-based level. 

All About You

Published April 2021

HACT's review of Cotman Housing’s project All About You, which supports carers of people with dementia to be more physically active. The report identifies key learnings from the project.

Paid in Full

Published March 2021

This White Paper examines rent-flex, a platform that enables residents to develop and agree their preferred, individual, schedules of rent payments for the year ahead.

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If you have a question, query or idea, we’d love to hear from you.

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