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Realising career opportunities

Regenda wanted help identifying employment opportunities for their residents and other local people, with a focus on employment opportunities in the health care space.

We explored these opportunities through a white paper that looked at the current health care context, how it has changed over the past twelve months and the scale of the challenge that we are facing, as well as examining the contribution that housing associations can make.

We also made recommendations about what needs should be addressed across each local area if the fulls benefits of cooperation between housing associations and health care providers are to be realised.

And then we backed it up with ongoing engagement with local health organisations, so that Regenda can make these opportunities a reality.

Do the smart thing

Over the last five years there have been numerous articles, conference presentations and ideations dedicated to the use of the IoT technology in social housing. Yet, despite pilots demonstrating the value of the technology, the social smart home remains on the drawing board.

Commissioned by Smart Rent, Do the Smart Thing examines some of these pilots to see how far the sector has engaged with IoT technology. We then look at some of the barriers to its wider implementation. We finish by highlighting the potential benefits of the social smart home for residents and communities.

As well as running roundtables and webinars on smart homes, we continue to promote the importance of IoT, especially in enabling residents to have greater control over their homes.

Recent publications

Our published reports cover everything from service and impact evaluations to more bespoke research projects.

Creating a blueprint for a new way of working

Published November 2021

This White Paper provides an insight into the opportunity for closer partnership working between health bodies and the housing sector not only nationally but most importantly, at a place-based level.

All about you

Published April 2021

HACT's review of Cotman Housing’s project All About You, which supports carers of people with dementia to be more physically active. The report identifies key learnings from the project.

Paid in full

Published March 2021

This White Paper examines rent-flex, a platform that enables residents to develop and agree their preferred, individual, schedules of rent payments for the year ahead.

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