Social Value Insight

Social Value Insight is a dynamic, app-based tool within the new HACT platform which makes it as easy as possible to model, monitor and measure your social impact across multiple projects, from multiple sources.


Built on machine learning, Social Value Insight hosts the new UK Social Value Bank and provides you with the support, advice and reports you need, whether you’re evidencing your social value for an ESG fund, monitoring the social value created through procurement or looking to improve your community investment services.

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What is social value?

Put simply – social value is a measurement of the benefits of the work you do, the services you provide and the programmes you deliver for people and communities.

It allows you to measure the social and environmental impact of the work you do through improvements to an individual’s wellbeing

You can also understand and demonstrate the savings your activities make to the state

By measuring the impact your work has in the real world, it can then be applied to your decision-making to create a more impactful and sustainable organisation

Now includes procurement

The latest addition to Social Value Insight is the procurement module.

You can now manage your social value procurement information in one place from start to finish. Social Value Insight allows you to tailor initiatives aligned to the UKSVB for each tender whilst choosing your social value weighting.

Suppliers bid on the tenders you provide access to, and when it’s time to select a winner, their targets will seamlessly form part of your programme within Social Value Insight.

The module is included in your Social Value Insight subscription at no extra charge to ensure your procurement social value is immersed in your social value programmes today within Social Value Insight.

Accessible via the HACT Platform, with the tool you can:

Choose the outcomes and set targets and a budget

Model, monitor and measure your projects

Create meaningful reports that can be exported

We’re hugely positive about Social Value Insight – the tool is brilliant. The consensus of everyone who’s used it is ‘thank goodness’.”

Sovereign Housing Association

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Watch and listen again

Let’s talk social value: How we can help you model, monitor and measure the social impact you make

Whether you’re already aware of social value, or have never heard of it before, you’re in for a treat – as we introduce our new UK Social Value Bank and Social Value Insight tool, designed so that you can measure your social impact.

Social Value Insight: Procurement module launch event

Whether you’re a Social Value Insight subscriber or you’re new to the tool, we’re delighted to introduce our new procurement module

  • Compile all your social value procurement information, from start to finish, in one place.
  • Create tailored initiatives aligned to the UKSVB and your organisation’s priorities.
  • Easy to use with clear results

The New UK Social Value Bank

We’re proud to have been pioneers in measuring social value for the past 10 years, through the development of the wellbeing approach with the UK Social Value Bank and calculators, to the hundreds of organisations we have supported through their journey with the services we offer.

Social Value Insight houses the new, enhanced UK Social Value Bank, enabling you to measure your social and environmental impact through improvements to wellbeing and savings made to the state, and use the information to:

  • improve services
  • enhance decision-making
  • increase the impact you make

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It's not just about measuring - it's a journey

You’re never alone on your social value journey – our social value services support the outcomes you measure. Social value should be viewed as a transformational activity, rather than just a transactional one. We can help you go that next step.

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